The quick answer is—yes, it does. But it doesn’t buy happiness in the way you would think.Money, in itself, is a tool used to pursue happiness. There’s no use in not having it, so why abstain? Our world, it revolves around money after all.There’s a reason most artists keep their Read More
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Everything is now. There is no such thing as a long term investment anymore, especially when we’ve been wired to want results now.Consider the world around you. Every billboard. Every advertisement. They all share one thing, and that’s this sense of urgency. The latest iPhone is out. The newest, most Read More
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Ask yourself this—what gets you out of bed in the morning? You’re always late, you sleep in frequently, or you’re just plain not motivated to do things. Your morning is a long slog repeated everyday, yet everyday you still don’t know how you manage to get through it. A common Read More
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Raising the stakes, raising the urgency.  Passion comes when you find yourself really, really caring about something. Your children are starving, or you have a history exam tomorrow and you have to cram into your head the thirteen colonies and the Revolutionary War. You suddenly find yourself becoming passionate about Read More
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And it’s not 42. Nothing compares to the feeling of coming home after a long work day. You’re tired, and all you want to do is sit on the couch and watch Netflix. You’ve earned it after all. You’ve been working all day, and what’s left of it is yours Read More
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A briefing of our company. Season’s greetings, though we’re long past the New Year’s. It’s more so a beginning on our part with the launch of Justsume. Marked with the release of my first novel Playwright, this is now the start of something wonderful. Justsume is nothing but a small Read More
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