Justsume’s Vision

A briefing of our company.

Season’s greetings, though we’re long past the New Year’s. It’s more so a beginning on our part with the launch of Justsume. Marked with the release of my first novel Playwright, this is now the start of something wonderful. Justsume is nothing but a small seed as of today, a premise if you would, but we will be something bigger before long. As any tree finds its own roots, our beginning begins today, and cheers to the many beginnings after this beginning. I hope for the best and may we all grow as better people together.

What Justsume does is simple, as we will launch a new blog post every Friday touching on a topic of the sorts. Escapism, finding your way out of the 9-5, how to pursue your passion, etc, etc, etc. As of today though, thank you for reading this post and I hope you will find value in our provided content.






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