Does Money Buy Happiness?

The quick answer is—yes, it does.

But it doesn’t buy happiness in the way you would think.

Money, in itself, is a tool used to pursue happiness. There’s no use in not having it, so why abstain? Our world, it revolves around money after all.

There’s a reason most artists keep their day jobs. At least, until they know they’ve made it. Bills need to be payed. Food needs to be put on the table. It’s damn difficult creating art when you’re homeless and hungry.

A common mistake many starting entrepreneurs make is that they suddenly have their next greatest idea and they jump headfirst into their creative endeavors. They quit their day job and invest their money in all the gear, supplies, and stock needed to supplement their business. And before long they come to their realization, that things may not be working out the way they planned.

Most businesses operate in the red on their first year, and the same goes for artists, vloggers, musicians, and writers. There’s always some sort of initial investment that comes with starting. A camera, a canvas, instruments, or even a cover design. And if it’s not an investment of money, then it will certainly be an investment of your time. Time which could have been used making money. Though between paid time and the investment of time, that’s a different topic, and one for another day.

Just know this when starting your creative endeavor. To get to the green, you’ll have to go through all of the red. To make money in your pursuit, you will have to spend it first. Your day job can help you fund that. You’ll spend a thousand dollars before you make even one. And yes, this can be scaled to size.

Money has always made you into a better, richer version of yourself. That’s because it’s like sustenance, it feeds you and it feeds your passion. Don’t be afraid to use money, but at the same time, be afraid of using too much of it. Gluttony and starvation go hand in hand. There’s a middle ground, and a swol, sexy one at that.

Turn your day job into your temporary passion, knowing that it’s a jump start into the funds of your endeavor. But at the same time, know when to start, and when to toss aside your day job altogether for your passion. Quitting your day job too soon is like cutting your supply short, and you don’t go into a war without supplies. Looking at it this way, you’ll assure yourself that you’ve already started, and at the same time, you know you’re making progress in some way to where you want to be, to where you actually want to be.





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