“Written to those who seek direction, having lost their way along the perilous path called life.”

Akumu is an urban slave trader, doubling as a conman by night. It seemed all his life the world was against him. His morals, tested and retested. His standards, ripped apart and trampled on. What does a man have to do to catch a break? Especially when he’s trying to build a future for the only other person he loves besides himself. Sure Virgo’s not the most ordinary girl, being more of an aberration than not as the nine-tailed fox spirit, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t like a daughter to him. She’s family, and Akumu would give the world if it meant protecting her from it.

A night passed, and Akumu sold Ursa Major, a long sought-after victim who he simply knew as the girl with the stars in her eyes.

A second night passed, and the girl with the stars in her eyes turned out to be a little more than he’d anticipated.

A third night, and now the goddess of the moon exchanged half his wealth in ransom for his own cooperation.

When Akumu finds himself at the crossroads of change, what is there to do but exactly that?